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Blind Freddy's Bushranger Historical Tours Canowindra

Blind Freddy's Bushranger historical tours Canowindra

Welcome to our site, settle in, have a read, get in touch, time travel back to the 1860s ....

The 1860s in Central West NSW were a time of unprecedented turmoil. Frank Gardiner and his acolytes held the roads, harried the wealthy, and confounded the New Police for five years. Johnny Gilbert committed over 600 robberies in his career before he was shot through the heart at Binalong. Ben Hall became a folk hero whilst his nemesis, Sir Frederick Pottinger, lurched from half-triumph to full-tilt disaster. Blind Freddy's Bushranger Tours can take you to where this all took place, the Wild Central West of New South Wales: hear the stories, learn the facts, in the actual locations.

Your expert guide, Craig Lawler, will paint a vivid picture of the times and characters involved and explain where, and why, it all happened. Craig has spent the past ten years up to his neck in bushranger history - investigating the locations, reading the books and scouring the Mitchell Library, State Archives and the National Library's Trove newspaper archive. It has furnished him with a deep knowledge of the era and the extraordinary personalities that populated it.

History is a pack of lies as any fool can tell BUT, if you can see the story from all sides, filter the romantic myths and, take it back to the actual locations, you can get close to the truth. Join us on our regular sorties back to those bushranging days. We offer a range of set tours but, we want to satisfy all your bushranger needs, we can tailor a tour just for you - Give us a call on (02) 63448166 and we'll sort something out,

Re-visit the 1860s, Today!!!


Blind Freddy's Bushranger historical tours Canowindra
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